November 8, Santa Fe

Demystifying the 12th House

The 12th house is often misunderstood by Astrologers and associated with particularly debilitating definitions. Maurice will provide a holistic understanding and get to the core dynamics of 12th house dynamics in the chart, weaving a thread between the vast expanse of what this house is about.

Maurice has conducted extensive research over 18 years about this topic, published in his book Neptune, the 12th House, and Pisces – 2nd Edition.

Maurice Fernandez, author of the books Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces (New Edition), and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One, is a leading Evolutionary Astrology counselor and teacher, currently based in Arizona. Maurice currently serves as the president The Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) offering pioneering programs for astrologers. He directs a professional diploma program with students from across the world. 

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Santa Fe