November 2, 3 + 16, 17 – Online

JUPITER workshop

Truth and Dare

Maurice will explain the intricacies of Jupiter’s influence in the natal chart and by transit, positioning it in every sign and in pair with other planets. A new perspective on this mighty giant.

Mighty and adored, Jupiter is the giant of astrology everyone wants to get a piece of – or at least that’s the reputation that precedes him. Jupiter’s blessings often capture the benevolent side of existence, especially when contrasted by recurrent existential challenges and shadow work. And yet, Jupiter is also infallibly present in less glamorous times, such as death transits, karmic accountability, and significant upheaval, showing that perhaps his influence is more than a mere ego-boost.

Included in the program:
– The Jupiter Cycle
– Jupiter Keywords
– Jupiter in every sign and house
– Jupiter with other planets
– The 2020 Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Saturn cycles.

Early Bird until Oct 22 (4 sessions) – $150

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Professional Study program students – $100

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