January 11 – March 14, 2020 – Kepler College Online Course

10 sessions on Saturdays

Identify the Soul Journey in the natal chart – Join Maurice in this fascinating series.

Evolutionary Astrology provides a deep perspective on chart analysis, using the chart to identify the soul’s evolutionary journey through reincarnation.

Learning this approach to chart interpretation will not only allow students to identify character, skills, potential, and challenges but understand “why” things happen a certain way in our lives. This helps with guiding potential clients to identify root causes for existing patterns in their lives.

This perspective is founded on the principle that we are incarnating not only to survive and reproduce, but also to evolve our consciousness. The chart describes where we are at in this journey, and using an evolutionary astrology perspective, we can better understand the higher meanings for our lives and help enhance our evolutionary process. This has both a practical and spiritual use; we can use evolutionary astrology to understand day-to-day life concerns as well as gain a big-picture perspective and understand the greater “why.”

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