The 2020 US Election – An Astrological Perspective

(Published in the December 2019 edition of the Career Astrologer – OPA – page 68)

In the midst of an impeachment process and ongoing campaign for a Democratic nominee, a lot of water will run under the bridge before we really know who is actually running. However, we can take this new year opportunity to glance at some of the astrological favourites for the elections.

First let us examine what are the most prominent and decisive astrological alignments that will be the important activators for the election process:


These alignments are important for both election day (November 3, 2020) and inauguration day (January 20, 2021).

Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius favoring candidates with strong elements around 20° Gemini/Sag. (+10 points if exact).
• Including a Moon in Gemini on the North Node on Election Day.
Eclipse at 0° Cancer on June Solstice. (+5 points if exact).
Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter cycles around 22-24° Capricorn. (can be both supportive or detrimental).
Jupiter/Saturn leadership cycle at 0° Aquarius (+10 points if exact).
• Inauguration Sun at 0° Aquarius.
Mars Retrograde 15° Aries on Election Day (can be both supportive or detrimental)
• Election Sun at 12° Scorpio (+5 points if exact)

Note: we do not have a birth time for few of the candidates, making this study limited in its scope and precision.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a very strong chart for election day, however the influence is lukewarm for inauguration day.
He will have an exact Nodal return and transiting Moon on his natal Sun/Nodes on Election night! This is very favorable and wins him 20 points. However, transiting Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter opposing his natal Saturn destabilize him. This same configuration is largely seen as the impeachment activator.
He has nothing significant at the 0° Aquarius which is so important for this election.
Score: +20 -10

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has two major activators that push her to a central position in this election: the June Eclipse is exactly on her Sun/Uranus at 0° Cancer, and her natal Jupiter at 0° Aquarius will be activated by both the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and inauguration Sun. We can anticipate Elizabeth Warren to make significant gain in this election process.
Score: +20

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg has an incredibly activated chart and is also set to make significant gain during this election campaign. However, he will take many blows as well and will be under scrutiny, perhaps more than other election candidates.
Here’s why: Buttigieg is born during the previous Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which now repeats in Capricorn and squares his natal one. This both boosts his ambition and political agenda, but also represents scrutiny for corruption, double standards, and general integrity barometer. He will need to come across very clean to take advantage of this.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction transit lands on his Sun! and inauguration day is right by his birthday!

On Election day and during the three months preceding the election, Mars retrograde in Aries will be opposing his natal Pluto/Saturn/Mars which is bound to stimulate controversy, rebellion, and fierce battling. A rupture of sorts.
Score: +32 – 5

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s chart for the election and inauguration is good, but not strong enough to show a win. He has many trine aspects. At the general look of it, it lacks fierceness.
Score: +10

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has a unique configuration for this election campaign, and this describes both an incredible fight but also some concerns over his health: He will experience a Mars Retrograde Return in Aries – which is one of more rare of retrogrades cycles (Last one in 1988). This Mars makes him a maverick and unrelenting soldier of justice, the classic “activist” signature.
Sanders also benefits from the transiting North Node on natal Jupiter – this was an advantage to Trump who has his Sun there, but with Sanders’s Jupiter on the same degree, it gives him as much popularity and vigor as Trump.
Score: +21

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg has a surprisingly weak disposition for the election campaign. Nothing is really activated in 2020, however, we see him gaining strength in 2021.
The Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will be on his Descendant angle, which shows his strong involvement in the process, but not necessarily as a winner.
Chart with time updated from original article
Score: +5

Cory Booker

Cory Booker has a 0 Aquarius rising, exactly where the jupiter/Saturn conjunction will occur and the Sun on inauguration day. This is surely favourable and showing a positive climate of development for him, but perhaps not enough to win a nomination or election.
Score: +16


Trump: + 20 – 10
Warren: + 20
Biden: +10
Buttegieg: +32 – 5
Sanders: +21
Bloomberg: +5
Booker: +15
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