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Spiritual Journey in the Chart Part I & II

We come to this world for Karmic, Evolutionary and Dharmic reasons: alignment, learning and participation. The chart pattern represents the overall perspective on these processes; we will learn to further distinct between these different modes and clarify the type of path a person is called for, based on his/her birth chart. Spiritualizing your life is about realizing how to harmonize with existence so that the person may manifest the higher potential of his/her chart; it's about ceasing to create negative Karma and developing channels for direct experience with the divine. Every person has the capacity for direct experience with the divine, and each one has a different path to manifest that relative to the chart patterns, given he/she uses the energies the right way. This workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn cutting egde material.

Part I: Saturn and the Law of Karma - digital files + Written Material: $80
Part II: Uranus and Neptune: Finding the Higher Self, The Freedom of Peace - digital files: $140

Pluto in Capricorn 2008 - 2024: The Karmic Broom

TThe mighty dwarf has moved into Capricorn and will remain in that part of the cosmos until 2024 ! We cannot fully fathom yet all the implications of such a transit for the changes it will bring are fundamental and possibly beyond our current scope of projection. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, the United States got its independence, Captain Cook discovered Australia, and unrest in France paved the way to the French Revolution. Now, with Neptune about to move into Pisces as well, the effect of this transit on the collective will be of massive proportion!
A fascinating workshop!
- The Principles of Pluto in Capricorn
- Meeting Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra
- Pluto in Capricorn through the Houses

Digital files + written Material: $80

(2004) A Fascinating perspective on Neptune, the 12th House and Pisces. Maurice offers fresh and deeply insightful information and sheds light on this foggy corner of the zodiac. A truly essential book for anyone invested in serious astrology understanding.

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Book: Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness - Volume One (2009)
Astrology Fundamentals, the Sun, the Moon, and the Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness.

For novice astrology students as well as experienced astrologers seeking a holistic look at the foundations of astrology, this accessible and fascinating study is a must. Readers will be pleased to discover that Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness-Volume 1 by Maurice Fernandez is full of down-to-earth examples as well as carefully considered explanations of the profound spiritual elements behind various astrological concepts. Mapping the evolution of consciousness and the levels of spiritual development in tandem with fundamental astrology concepts will make this book a long-lasting reference for many readers. Maurice Fernandez has written this comprehensive book destined to become a classic on the basic building blocks of astrology.

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Book: Astrology: New Generation (2012)
A compilation of Essays by leading astrologers of the new generation

Maurice contributed an very important essay on A Spiritual and Astrological Persepctive on Mental Illness for the New Generation book. Altogether 14 astrologers trained in different astrology background offer great research on diverse topics from the traditional and mundane to the spiritual, psychological and evolutionary. Astrology: The New Generation is an anthology of techniques and insights that will enhance your astrological skills and understanding. Gary Caton: The Evolutionary Journey of Venus; Frank C. Clifford: The Sun and Midheaven in Vocation; Rebecca Crane: Essential Counseling Skills; Nick Dagan Best: Venus Retrogrades and Returns; Dr. Benjamin Dykes: Time Lords in Traditional Astrology; Maurice Fernandez: Mental Health - A Spiritual Perspective; John Green: The Astrology of the Self; Tony Howard: Pluto in Libra and Scorpio; Mark Jones: The Pluto in Virgo Generation; Keiron Le Grice: The Archetypal Dynamics of Individuation; Eric Meyers: The Planets and Spiritual Awakening; Moses Siregar III: Locational Astrology and A*C*G; Wendy Stacey: Planetary Cycles and Cinema Trends; Branka Stamenkovic: The Lord of the Geniture.

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Book:Transpersonal Astrology(2012)
A compilation of Essays on the theme of Spiritual Astrology

Eric Meyers to Maurice Fernandez: Your chapter "The Death Chart" discusses something that is virtually unexplored, the death chart. Talk about opening up a new frontier to explore! What a thought-provoking piece, a terrific contribution, and I thank you for your inclusion of this piece and your professionalism.
Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier! is a thought-provoking collection of 16 essays by many of today’s leading astrologers and thinkers. Armand Diaz, Andrew Smith and Eric Meyers brought our complimentary skills together to orchestrate this bold endeavor. The goal is to help heal the mythic castration between Saturn and Uranus, to bring the transpersonal into form, utility and potency. Astrology can connect us with Spirit instead of primarily being a tool for self-gain. We can harmonize with our soul intentions and help create a brighter future. with Armand Diaz: Tracking the Evolution of Collective Consciousness; Jessica Murray: The World Moment; Bill Streett: The Telos of Techne: Technological Development & the Uranus-Pluto Cycle; Eric Meyers: A Transpersonal Vision for Astrology; Dena DeCastro: Neptune and Opening to Creativity; Maurice Fernandez: The Death Chart; Andrew Smith: Locational Astrology: A Transpersonal Perspective; Margaret Gray: Changing Relationships: A Transpersonal Approach; Mark Jones: The Transpersonal Dimension: The Higher Octave of the Personal Planets ; Julene Packer-Louis: The Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction; Adam Gainsburg: Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation through the Mars Cycle ; Sherene Schostak: Killer in the Home ; Adam Elenbaas: No Such Thing as Source? Toward an Understanding of Sacred Duality in Evolutionary Astrology ; Benjamin Bernstein: Shamanic Astrology.

Book:Insights into Evolutionary Astrology (2010)
A Collection of Essays from Prominent Evolutionary Astrologers

Maurice Fernandez; Astrology and Sexuality
Kristen Fontana: Twins, same chart, worlds apart
Deva Green: from Cataclysm to Awakening
Marc Jones: Planetary Nodes
Rose Marcus: The Archetype of Capricorn
Kim Marie: Evolutionary Stages
Patricia Walsh: Planets square the Nodes
and Jeffrey Green: Evolutionary Principles

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Homosexuality and Trans-Genderism in the Birth Chart

These non-procreative forms of sexuality have been a source of controversy throughout different phases of history. In this presentation we will discuss how to identify various inclinations in the birth chart and understand both the evolutionary purpose as well as the psychological make-up behind them.

Digital File: $30

Mental Illness Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to identify the potential for Mental Illnesses and ways to address, cope with, or possibly heal these conditions are discussed. Astrological signatures and evolutionary reasons for conditions such as Depression, ADD, Bi-Polarity, Paranoid-Schizophrenia, Split-personality disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder are analyzed.
A fascinating workshop!

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Digital files: $80

The Chiron Workshop

Maurice describes the evolutionary steps intrinsic and unique to the Chiron archetype—a fascinating study that takes us deep into the core of our mortality. Chiron is placed in each house and sign so that participants may directly relate the material to their personal chart.

Digital Files: $150

The Death Chart

The time and place of birth is understood to have paramount importance, describing through the astrological chart where the person is at in his or her evolutionary journey. The same goes for the time and place of death: the death chart describes what has been worked on in the course of the person's life and provides clear indications of the direction the soul is taking upon departure from this incarnation. A fascinating study with numerous example charts of, including the study of two incarnations of the same soul.

Digital file $100

Health Astrology

Health application to the natal chart. Understand how to detect the potential for particular health conditions for preventive purposes. Along with diagnosis, a wealth of insights and practical advice is offered to alleviate, treat or prevent health issues. A much recommended workshop!

Digital files + Written Material: $80

Uranus symbolizes the highest achievement of the human race; the peak of intelligence employed to decode the mysteries of the universe. We will explore this fascinating archetype where human beings come close to being gods and where ‘progress’ flirts with ‘decadence’. We will explore the fundamental evolutionary lessons behind the influence of Uranus- a brand new perspective from Maurice Fernandez.

Short Version: Transcript: $20 - DVD: $25

A breakthrough revelation about one of the meanings of the 12th house; this is the house that describes, together with the placement of Neptune, the public involvement and function of an individual. Being the last house in the Zodiac, it portrays the maturation of a whole cycle and the offering of its fruits through public service. The association of the 10th house to career issues is partial and more a myth than a reality. Various examples will be explored to clarify this dynamic in the course of this fascinating lecture.

Transcipt: $20

Mars and Pluto are the change makers of the zodiac. They symbolize the urge to intervene in the seemingly "fateful" motion of existence and break unwanted patterns as a result of injustice or a sense of powerlessness. Therefore, through the combination of these forces, we all have the potential to stop history from fatefully repeating itself. The interrelation between the two planets is explored and defined through this lecture.

Trascript $15.

The YOD - Configuration for the Masterful

Composed of two quincunxes and a sextile, the Yod attracts a great deal of attention among astrologers. Often called “The Finger of God,” this pointed-shaped configuration seems to describe fated developments in the astrology chart. One thing is for sure, the Yod requires the highest of a person’s integrity; it deflates arrogance and can only be mastered through sincere humility. Join Maurice for accessible and insightful perspectives on this phenomenon. Maurice goes through all possible Yod placements in the chart, detailing the different evolutionary lessons in each case.

Short Version 1 CD: $25
Long Version 5 CDs: $90

An all new paradigm uncovering the depths and the mysteries of the ego's eternal quest for meaning. Neptune is symbol of both salvation and shattered innocence, vibrating on our deepest sensibilities as it brings us face to face with the unthinkable. Through this lecture, Maurice will provide the participants with a very rich and clear description of the evolution of the soul under this mystical and mythical influence.

Price $25.

Sexuality in Astrology

A thorough description of natural sexual needs and expressions of the 12 astrological archetypes. Through the workshop we identify how does the emotional nature of a person translates into sexual needs. The content of this workshop provides detailed understanding of how to best counsel clients to understand their natural sexuality and use it as a growth dimension for the soul by understanding the inherent challenges.

Transcript: $90

Vocational Orientation with Astrology

Identify career potential in the natal chart. An overview of the different factors to analyze when assessing one's natural talents and through which particular fields one may tap into public needs. The challenge is to merge the personal creativity with collective need! There is always more than one work option for a person; through this workshop, Maurice describes what are the key elements to focus on in order to identify what these options are. A Fascinating perspective!

8 CDs: $90

The sign on the Ascendant symbolizes the nature of new seeds of consciousness yet to be integrated in the structure of the ego. It represents the new concepts that will progressively increase in importance and take over the personality of the individual, as in the course of life, these energies will be progressively assimilated. Simultaneous to the rise in power of the Ascendant sign, the 12th house sign symbolizes all the concepts in consciousness that need to culminate in order for the new to rise. In this presentation, all signs will be placed on both cusps to understand the interrelation between beginnings and endings of evolutionary cycles.

Digital files Price: $80

Retrograde planets deviate the course of evolution to uncharted territories. This phenomenon is often experienced as confusing, since we are trained to approach life in a linear way and are made to fear the unknown. However, evolutionary speaking, the retrograde planets describe a potential of growth that is comparably more significant as it urges us to question patterns usually taken for granted. In the course of this lecture the influence of retrograde planets is discussed in the birth chart and in transit.

Digital file: $30

As planets aspect one another, a totally new archetype is created - the archetype of the pair itself. Different pairs of planets are discussed in this lecture, providing each participant with thorough understanding of the new meaning formed with the various combinations.

Planetary Pairs Part I: Mars/Neptune - Mercury/Saturn - Moon/Uranus - Jupiter/Neptune.
Planetary Pairs Part II: Mars/Saturn - Uranus/Neptune - Sun/Pluto - Mercury/Neptune

Tape or Transcript Price: $15