Maurice Fernandez is one of the leading

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Evolutionary Astrologers today. Currently based in Hawaii, he practices internationally in English, French, and Hebrew.

His services include private counseling, elementary and professional tutoring, and presentations for conferences and workshops.

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Astrology Training Program
Join Cycle 9 of the Complete Course: 2013-2015
Correspondence and On-Location
- Become the best astrologer you can be! Take Astrology to the Future!

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White Lions and the Southern Sky
An Epic Journey to Africa
Nov 18- Dec 4, 2013
Astrology - Yoga - Animal Communication - Indigenous knowledge

Maurice and Shamanic Astrologer Daniel Giamario guide you through this incredible spiritual experience!
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New Book Release: Transpersonal Astrology:
Exploration at the Frontier (May 20)

A collaborative book project by 16 Astrologers:
A spiritual perspective on Astrology.
Maurice essay: The Death Chaart

New Book Release
A collaborative book project by 14 Astrologers, among the leaders of the new generation.
Maurice essay: Mental Illness: a Spiritual and Astrological Perspective.
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Books for the Soul
Maurice presents:
Volume One: Astrology Fundamentals, the Moon, the Sun, and the Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness
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the ░░*Neptune Book

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Sept 2012 Forecast
by Rose Marcus
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